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The Sole Distributer

We are the sole distributer for the following global manufactories


ESW Vision was established in 2017, as part of E-Swin Group in France. ESW Vision takes care about international business development dedicated to DRY EYE MANAGEMENT.
E-Swin is located in Rue des Côtes d’Orval ZA de la Prévoté 78550 Houdan, France, Is developing and manufacturing high-tech technologies, available in more than 50 countries worldwide.

• Cristalens industrie

Cristalens industrie is located in 4 rue Louis de Broglie 22300, France
Founded in 1994, CRISTALENS was initially a distributor of medical devices for cataract surgery. In 2006, the company created its own production unit of hydrophilic and hydrophobic intraocular lenses. In 2008, it has developed a new hydrophobic raw material (phenoxy ethyl acrylate) that allows less than 2 mm micro incisions. In 2013, Cristalens received the price of Industrial Innovation with this invention.
By choosing CRISTALENS you are collaborating with a laboratory that has a total mastery of its profession: from raw material production to packaging, with three key words:
1. Patient safety
2. Innovation
3. Proximity

• LCS EyeBrid inside (France).

LCS is a custom GP and the latest generation of the Hybrid Silicone contact lenses EyeBrid, LCS, headquartered in Caen, France. LCS successfully introduced EyeBrid Silicone lenses into the French market in 2013
EyeBrid Silicone are hybrid contact lenses, presenting a central zone made of a high oxygen permeable rigid material and a peripheral skirt made of a Silicone Hydrogel material. EyeBrid lenses thus combine the comfort of a soft lens and the visual acuity and crisp vision of a rigid lens, while offering maximum security and ocular health of the cornea.

• NO7 contact lens Ltd.

Is Located in the United Kingdom, Unit 3, Highfields Business Park, Hastings, TN38 9UB,
No7 contact lens is one of the largest special contact lenses manufacturer

• Valley Contax ( USA)

Valley Contax is a custom GP (gas permeable) contact lens manufacturer located in Springfield, Oregon. We've been serving eyecare professionals since 1981 with contact lenses that are powerful, intuitive and effective and by delivering unparalleled support to go along with them.
We believe in what we do, that every contact lens we make has the potential to change a life by helping someone obtain clear, comfortable vision.

• TearLab

TearLab is located in150 La Terraza Blvd. set 101 Escondido. CA92025,
The TearLab Osmolarity System is intended to measure the osmolarity of human tears to aid in the diagnosis of dry eye disease on the patient suspected of having dry eye disease. In conjuction with other methods of clinical evaluation.

• BMS:

Biotechnology Medical Services K. Group (BMSK) strives to provide premium healthcare solutions and technologies, with over 30 years of experience.
Our product portfolio consists of quality equipment for Blood Banking, Industrial Microbiology and Controlled Environment from a reputable network of suppliers from Europe, South Korea and USA.
Its origins date back to the early 1990’s, when BMSK wanted to provide a simple and cost efficient solution for the supply of Biomedical products. BMSK is a family-run entity and prides itself in providing personalized assistance along with incomparable global Biomedical Solutions in its markets.